We help farmers, retailers and brands to measure their carbon impact and switch to climate-positive practices so that we can eat our way out of climate change

What is BX?

At BX we have a vision of a planet restored for future generations. We’re creating world-leading technology that enables retailers and growers to act in a climate-positive way.

Our technology will help measure climate impact, suggests data-backed improvements to practices, and predict future impact at field level.

BX & regenerative agriculture

Using BX helps reduce and remove emissions from food production. We do this by working with Farmers,  Retailers and Brands to create a food system that rewards environmental practices and incentivises change. By predicting future impact, the platform shares knowledge with Farmers to transition to carbon positive farming using the latest regenerative farming methods.

The knowledge to act

BX software gives Farmers field-specific guidance to help transition to climate-positive practices. Farm data from around the world creates the knowledge needed to grow better for the future.

Rewarding impact

Conventional farming can be bad for the planet. The BX platform creates ways to reward Farmers who have a positive impact on the planet. Working with Retailers, Brands and Farmers, the food system can benefit those who make a difference.

Want to know more?

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