Creating world-changing tech that enables climate positive action
The way we produce food isn’t sustainable.
37% of global emissions come from the food supply chain1. If we want to fix the climate we’re going to have to change that. But we can all make choices that restore the planet. We don’t know if the food we create and buy is good or bad for the environment. But imagine if we did.

BX creates technology that helps farmers store more carbon than they produce making the food we eat. We measure and monitor a farm’s carbon output, and support growers on their journey to net zero emissions. Eventually this can create food that stores more carbon than it creates being grown. Then we connect growers and consumers to trace the carbon footprint of that food.

With that knowledge we can restore the planet.
“We passionately believe we can eat our way out of climate change.”
Ben Bardsley, CEO

I founded BX to enable food producers globally to be part of the climate crisis solution. Having been a farmer myself, I know the pain, struggle and effort it takes to put food on plates. This deep understanding of the food system’s complex problems provides the foundations BX needs to deliver on our mission of restoring the planet for future generations.

Ben Bardsley

Climate tech that makes a measureable difference
You need to be able to trust climate information. That’s what makes BX different. We quantify impact using world-leading soil modelling so you can actually measure change, and learn how to take action.

For growers this means taking control of fields in a whole new way. Our technology takes historic soil data, combines it with farming practices and suggests ways to transition to regenerative farming successfully. We use machine learning to discover the most effective regenerative practices and create improvement plans for every grower.

Retailers can track environmental impact of their supply chain, and take action to reduce it. Onboarding their growers, retailers can understand field to farm gate carbon capture, and use this to set their own measurable net zero targets.

By sharing his information with consumers, they can discover more about the environmental impact of their food.
Interested in what BX can do for you?
Our brilliant team of farmers, data scientists and engineers are working to combat the climate crisis. Join our community of climate-friendly growers and change the way we grow food.

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